Chic Manila series

Mina V. Esguerra
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August 29, 2022: On August 15, I changed the price of this bundle and donated proceeds from all purchases to our friends from RomanceClass, public school teachers A and P, to help them prepare their classrooms for the school year. I'm updating the pricing today to revert to somewhat regular pricing, with this difference. The bundle is now $15 with the option to pay more, and any purchase in excess of that minimum I will continue to send to A and P. Thank you!

The nine novellas and five short stories in the Chic Manila series (so far). Arranged in this order:

My Imaginary Ex (Jasmine and Zack)

1st POV, fake relationship, college friends, stop a wedding, updated edition has new scenes and higher heat level

Fairy Tale Fail (Ellie and Lucas)

1st POV, office romance, moving on from a breakup, stranded during a storm, new epilogue

No Strings Attached (Carla and Dante)

1st POV, turning 30 and all the feelings, only a fling/no relationships but really now, meddling friends

Love Your Frenemies (Kimmy and Manolo)

1st POV, villain becomes main character, still a Difficult Person though, rich people problems

That Kind of Guy (Julie and Anton)

1st POV, manang and player pairing, this edition has higher heat level

Georgia Lost and Found (short story, Georgia and Ken)

friends to lovers, lost at a beach music festival, no phone signal oh no 

Creation Myths (short story, Kat and Charlie)

twisted friends to lovers, student film project moment

Welcome to Envy Park (Moira and Ethan)

1st POV, quarter life crisis, neighbors to lovers, do they stay (in Manila) or go

We Were So Yesterday (epistolary short story, Roxie and Peter)

epistolary, exes communicating, long distance

Wedding-Night Stand (short story, Andrea and Damon)

sister of the bride and friend of the groom, they hook up to avoid/get over other people but end up liking each other actually

What You Wanted (Andrea and Damon)

1st POV, one-night stand keeps happening so they...actually date, let’s make other people jealous

All You Needed (short story, Andrea and Damon)

moody holiday short story 

Iris After the Incident (Iris and Gio)

1st POV, “the incident” is a sex video leaked to the public, neighbors to lovers, he was also part of a ~scandal

Better at Weddings Than You (Daphne and Aaron)

3rd dual POV, they’re both wedding planners but she’s better, fake honeymoon

In epub and mobi. Covers for each story/novella included. Each novella is available individually at and Amazon and your preferred retailer.

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Chic Manila series

7 ratings
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