Chic Manila 6-book bundle (Fairy Tale Fail, Love Your Frenemies, Perfect Boyfriends collection, Welcome to Envy Park)

Chic Manila 6-book bundle (Fairy Tale Fail, Love Your Frenemies, Perfect Boyfriends collection, Welcome to Envy Park)

Mina V. Esguerra

The first six full-length books in my Chic Manila series! Falling in love and figuring out life in our crazy happy metro.

To be read in this order! This bundle includes epub editions of:

MY IMAGINARY EX (in the PERFECT BOYFRIENDS collection): Jasmine once pretended to be Zack's ex girlfriend, to help him score with another girl. They've been good friends since then, so good that his two real exes rope Jasmine into their plan to stop him from marrying someone they think is totally wrong for him.

FAIRY TALE FAIL: Ellie Manuel is a hopeless romantic, stuck in a cubicle all day. She's in her twenties and should be having more fun. But instead of doing what she really wants, like traveling wherever her Philippine passport can take her, she's hung up on the guy who dumped her for not being "ambitious enough." Winner of the 2012 Filipino Readers' Choice Award - Chick Lit.

NO STRINGS ATTACHED (in the PERFECT BOYFRIENDS collection): Carla's 29 and won't settle down and marry just any guy, no matter what her friends say. She thinks Dante is a safe bet for a non-relationship, because he's 24 and couldn't possibly want something long-term. 

LOVE YOUR FRENEMIES: Yes, Universe, Kimmy Domingo knows that you hate her. But she's a nice person, she really is -- as long as you ignore the stories of people she's bullied, manipulated, and annoyed in the past. She totally gets that you've gotten back at her by having her fiance' dump her a week before their wedding.

THAT KIND OF GUY (in the PERFECT BOYFRIENDS collection): Anton has dated a lot of women and is everyone's "delicious distraction." But he seems to have fallen hard for good girl Julie - if only she believed him. Winner of the 2013 Filipino Readers' Choice Award - Chick Lit.

WELCOME TO ENVY PARK: Moira Vasquez is a doer. A planner. A get-up-and-goer. At twenty-two, she left her hometown, to satisfy a need to travel as well as give her savings account a boost. Five years later and she's back in Manila, with a shiny new apartment to her name, but no job, no career, no boyfriend. Is her constant search for the next big thing keeping her from seeing what's already there?

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